Why aah?

About Project Name

I was looking for a project name as short, easy to remember and meaningful. One day during a conversation with my friends the word or expression clicked me. That is, in my native language Tamil, ஆ /ˈɔː/ means amazement, joy, or surprise. So I have aligned Tamil character in english word aah.

aah /ˈɔː/ brings great joy in Go application development and its maintenance.


aah aims to provide necessary components to build modern Web, API and WebSocket applications. aah framework is secure, rapid and extensible. It takes full care of infrastructure, boilerplate code, repetitive activities, reusable components, etc.

aah is feature packed framework with nature of micro framework.

Have a look at the features to know the benefits of using aah and it is very well documented.

aah's initial stable version 0.5.0 was released on May 19, 2017.