Get Involved

aah framework is an open source project and you can become a part of the ongoing development. There are plenty of ways you can contribute.

Please Note:

  • For general usage questions and need clarification, posting a question on StackOverflow with tag aahframework is the way to go
  • Want to discuss with aah development team. Join and discuss on Gitter Online Chat or Mailing List

   Contribute to Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a Q&A site for programmers. Stack Overflow has a very active community of people asking and answering questions. Users can vote on each others contributions and earn reputation points. Post your question with aahframework tagged.

   Documentation & Cookbook

You're encouraged to improve and add documentation. Write blog post and provide tutorials of aah framework. Even if it's small it really helps your fellow developers. For example: you can correct typo mistakes, grammer, provide sample code snippet, etc.

   Chat on Gitter Chat on Gitter

Gitter is a real time chat channel like IRC.

   Join the Mailing List

The aah framework mailing list is a Google Groups, it's a great place to discuss with aah dev team. Join the mailing list to start your conversation. The mailing list is for discussion around the framework's development. For questions we recommend StackOverflow.

   Report Bugs

The aah framework uses GitHub to track issues. When you report bugs, make sure you include lots of detail as possible, including reproducible tests, example code or anything else you think might help. So please report any issues you have, help me to improve aah framework!

   Report Security Vulnerabilities

I strongly encourage people to report security problems to our private security email address, before disclosing them in a public forum. Please click here to read more information.

   Contribute to Code

Documentation is in-progress to describe, how to contribute to code. Thanks.

   Code of Conduct

aah framework follows the Golang Code of Conduct. In short-

  • Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Be thoughtful in how you communicate.
  • Don’t be destructive or inflammatory.