aah framework

A scalable, performant, rapid development Web framework for Go

Latest release v0.9, Oct 04, 2017
Requires go1.8, Release Notes

aah framework makes it easy to build scalable web apps and mobile apps API in Go. aah is balanced Go web framework for small, medium, enterprise scale. You have to focus on application logic instead of building infrastructure, reinventing the wheel. aah embraces Don't Repeat Yourself, Conventions, Configurations, it makes Go application development more fun, free and open source.


aah configuration is similar to Typesafe HOCON syntax. Flexible and easy to configure. aah is opinionated and defaults to set of conventions and configurations know more.


Easy to use and powerful application security - Authentication, Authorization and Session Management. Secure HTTP headers, Request Inputs and Template funcs Sanitization, and provides capabilities to address OWASP top 10 web application security risks.

High Performance

Optimized Routing, HTTP/2, very small memory footprint, less GC overhead also uses memory pooling, optimized middlewares and pragmatic design.


Build scalable web apps and mobile apps APIs comfortably. aah is very flexible, well structured and capabilities to fulfil modern application needs.

Rich Content Reply

aah provides intuitive Reply builder to compose your HTTP response. Supports various types of reply, HTML (mutli-layouts), JSON, JSONP, XML, Text, File (sendfile, attachment, inline) and Binary. Also Static files delivery and directory listing know more.

Developer Friendly

Development is more fun, typical method name(s) aligned with industry nomenclature, you have to just focus on your application logic, use aah CLI tool to quick start, run, hot-reload, cross-compile build, etc.