A secure, flexible, rapid Go web framework

Latest release v0.11.4, Aug 27, 2018
Requires go1.8, Release notes

Introducing aah framework

aah makes it easy to build secure, scalable, high performance Web and RESTful application with Go. Enterprise grade features OOTB.

Code less, achieve goals and aah is free, open source.

Uncompromising Security

Secure session cookie/file/store, CSRF prevention, XSS prevention, powerful authentication and authorization. Bulit-in enterprise-grade protection by default.

Powerful Reply

RESTful or Render with your choice of view engine - Enhanced Go template, many more to come.

High Performance, Scalable

Pragmatic design and optimized implementation, HTTP/2, small memory footprint, less GC overhead.

Developer aah, easy to use

Clean, well documented, highly configurable, hot-reload, CLI tool. aah take cares of infrastructure and boilerplate code, etc. You can focus on application logic.